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AVAILABLE NOW: Marketing and Management Online Seminars


We are pleased to announce that Professor Gill Kirton has organised full access to a source of teaching materials called The Marketing and Management Collection. Produced by Henry Stewart Talks we think this will be of great value to the School of Business and Management.  Please see details below.

The Marketing and Management Collection includes over 550 specially prepared audio-visual lectures, organised into 51 comprehensive series and delivered by a) principals, managers and advisors from the business world and b) leading academics. Selecting and ‘attending’ on-line lectures encourages students to be self-motivated learners. We know from experience that course directors find the lectures an invaluable cost-effective resource. It makes available a wide range of detailed, practical knowledge on subjects as diverse as Business Continuity and Risk Management, Data Mining, Branding and Product Specialisation in Hotels, Retail Marketing, Sport Marketing, Practical Pricing and Revenue Management, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Export Marketing to name just a few series. Clearly no single college could hope to match this range and the collection is growing all the time. Blended learning is increasingly utilised in business education and creates a firm foundation for the life-time learning workers must embrace to ensure sustained employability. Current subscribers include Kings College London, Tufts University USA, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and University of Technology Sydney to name just four in different parts of the world.

Each talk has been prepared by an academic expert in the relevant field, and consists of PowerPoint Slides synchronized with narration.  The whole collection consists of various series, each of which comprises 8-15 talks of 15-60 minute duration. There are 51 series (550+ talks) in total. These talks have been successfully integrated into many MBA Programs across the globe (recommendations including award-winning courses available).

If you would like continued access to this collection, please make a request (preferable with a comment) via this link:

For complete access please use the following login information:

Username: qmul
Password:  member

Here are just four out of 51 available series:

Series: Quantitative Financial Risk Management
Series Editors: Dr. Stephen E. Satchell - Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK

Series: Exporting, International and Global Marketing Management: Beyond the fundamentals
Series Editor: Prof. Stan Paliwoda - Professor of Marketing, University of Strathclyde, UK

Series: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Series Editor: Prof. Colin Fisher - Professor of Managerial Ethics and Values, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Series: Managing Organizations
Series Editor: Prof. Stewart Clegg - University of Technology Sydney, Australia

To access all 51 series and over 550 talks please visit
If you would like continued access to this collection, please make a request (preferable with a comment) via this link:

For further information please contact