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School of Business and Management

Are you interested in learning how to develop an idea into a real business or social enterprise?

QIncubator is a new high-impact entrepreneurship development programme – developed from InQUBEate, our previous programme - that provides a testing ground for projects at idea-stage and early-stage. The entrepreneur-led, 12-week programme combines enterprise training, an emphasis on making real-world business progress, expert coaching and peer learning to accelerate success.

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QIncubator is open to all second and third year undergraduate students and all graduate students studying at QMUL in 2018/19. We welcome applicants from all schools and departments. The programme is completely free, and will run on Wednesday afternoons in Semesters A and B.

The programme outline (subject to change) is:

  • Week 1: Welcome and E-orientation (online)
  • Week 2: Defining and Validating Your Vision
  • Week 3: Customer Discovery
  • Week 4: Revenue Model
  • Week 5: Product Development
  • Week 6: Branding and Design
  • Week 7: Defining and Measuring Impact
  • Week 8: Leadership, Team Formation and Project Management
  • Week 9: Equity and Funding
  • Week 10: Legalities
  • Week 11: Pitching
  • Week 12: Final Pitch Competition

To apply, please complete the online application form here. Applications close at 10am on Monday 3rd September 2019.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email