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School of Business and Management

A message from SBM student and Hult Prize In-Campus Director, Zoe Ubom


I was fortunate enough to be the In-Campus director for the Hult Prize Queen Mary event, and was truly amazed by the teams that came up with incredibly innovative ideas to combat this year’s United Nations goal of youth unemployment. The commitment from all the teams that presented and the support from the organising committee was what made the experience so enjoyable.

Originally, I knew nothing about the Hult Prize and what it does; I thought it would end after the In-Campus event, but it is more than this – it’s a global community of entrepreneurs and innovators who constantly support and encourage you. It’s for people that dream big and have big aspirations to make a lasting change. I would recommend that people compete in the Hult Prize next year, even the smallest ideas could become something bigger and even make it to the finals.

Now the In-Campus event is done, I am looking forward to the Regional events, which are taking place across the world, especially since two Queen Mary teams are competing in the Oslo and Tokyo. I made sure to volunteer for the London Regional event that took place on the 15th and 16th of March. The idea of being surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs that want to make a change to global society is what motivated me to do so. Now is the beginning of the journey for the Queen Mary teams and I wish them the best of luck.