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School of Business and Management

Inaugural Lecture: 'The Coming Human (Resource) Strike' by Professor Peter Fleming

2 March 2011

Time: 6:30pm - 7:30am
Venue: Drapers' Lecture Theatre, Geography Building, Mile End



Work today is no longer regulated only by bureaucracy. New forms of control also persist through biocracy in which life itself (or bios) is an essential ‘human resource’ to be exploited. Perhaps an updated version of the 70’s human strike best describes labour’s response. In a workers society like ours, where work is everywhere, even in our dreams, the shared desire to be left alone might signal the coming of a truly democratic resolution.


Peter Fleming is Professor of Work and Organization in the School of Business and Management. His books include Contesting the Corporation (2007, Cambridge University Press), Authenticity and the Cultural Politics of Work (2009, Oxford University Press) and The End of Corporate Social Responsibility (2011, Sage).

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