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School of Business and Management

Forthcoming Events

Does widespread homeworking offer equality benefits or entrench inequality?
8 December 2020

Webinar hosted by the Centre for Research in Equality & Diversity (CRED), School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London

Accounting for Panic Runs: The Case of Covid-19
11 December 2020

This event is part of the Behavioural Finance Seminars on Corona Crisis: Online series by Professor Yaz Gulnur Muradoglu. Against the Covid-19 backdrop, this paper argues that mainstream models of accounting and finance tend to miss panic runs and associated shocks by not fully incorporating market agents in relation to their networks. 

Alternative Accounts Europe Conference 2021 Alternative Accounts Europe Conference 2021
5 January 2021

The third Alternative Accounts Europe Conference will be hosted by Queen Mary, University of London on Tuesday, 5th January 2021. The Alternative Accounts Europe Conference brings together scholars interested in interdisciplinary and critical perspectives on accounting in an inclusive and supportive forum. We invite accounting faculty and doctoral students to present work that challenges dominant representations of accounting and to offer alternative accounts of accounting practice research in its diverse and multiple histories, contexts and constituents.