School of Business and Management

Areas of specialisation

Under the broader themes of Marketing, research topics can be clustered into the following areas:

Consumer Behaviour and Consumer Psychology

  • Charitable giving and prosocial behaviour
  • Consumer moral identity and consumer religiosity
  • Brand anthropomorphism
  • Globalisation, socialisation, and consumer behaviour
  • Consumption, experiential products, and overconsumption
  • Economic decision-making and risk perception

Marketing Strategy and Management

  • Business model innovation
  • International marketing
  • Marketing organisation and Key Account Management
  • Marketing and digitalisation
  • Brand enchantment
  • Marketing communication

Business Relationships and Networks

  • Relational capabilities
  • Sense-making in relationships and networks
  • Innovation networks
  • Dark side/deviance in business relationships
  • Digitalised business ecosystems

Non-Profit/Social Marketing

  • Political marketing
  • Propaganda, marketing, and rhetoric

Research Method Innovations in Marketing

  • Fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA)
  • Field experiments