School of Business and Management

Management Studies and Skills (BUS118)

Semester: A
Level: 4
Module code: BUS118
Module organiser: Professor Stephen Fox

Module overview

This module aims to give you an understanding of managerial work and managerial skills: how they are changing and how we can study and make sense of them.

We consider some of the processes through which managers are formed and developed.

The module is designed to equip students with resources and skills for thinking critically about management work and management skills. Students will be introduced to a range of perspectives on management work and management skills from a broad spectrum of social science disciplines and several studies of actual management practices. Students will be encouraged to critically assess and think about (a) the nature of management and management skills and (b) the different perspectives and methods for studying and making sense of these topics.


  • Coursework 100%

Indicative reading list

  • Whetton, D.A. and Cameron, K.S., (2011), Developing Management Skills, 8th ed., Pearson, London
  • Rees, W.D. and Porter, C., (2008), Skills of Management, 6th ed, Cenage, London
  • Cameron, S., The Business Student's Handbook, (2009), Pearson, London