School of Business and Management

Management of Human Resources (BUS324)

Semester: B
Level: 6
Module code: BUS324
Module organiser: Dr Cathrine Seierstad
This programme is only available to joint programme students 

Module overview

Organisations often claim that their most valuable resources are their employees, but one of the most difficult tasks of management is to ensure that employees feel valued. This module examines the main theories, concepts and processes that are considered central to the management of human resources. The course combines theoretical analysis with examples of practical application to encourage students to think critically about the management of people. The course draws upon a range of literature and illustrative case studies to engage students and provides them with an opportunity to assess their own experiences of work.

This module has been designed specifically for 'with business' students who study human resource management in their third year and is not available for students taking NN12.

Indicative Reading List 

  • An Introduction to Human Resource Management, 2nd edition. Wilton, N. (2013) Sage Publications


  • Examination 100%