School of Business and Management

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BUS300)

Semester: A
Level: 6
Module code: BUS300
Module organiser: Thomas Zhang

Module Overview

This module integrates the theory and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship. We will anchor our class on a process of innovation and entrepreneurship consisting of four phases: recognising the opportunity, finding the resources, developing the venture, and creating value. We will also help develop your skills, abilities and behaviour towards entrepreneurial venturing, whether in established organisations or new ventures.  Although business is an important context for this course, the process, skills and ideas we will address are also important for social, sustainability and third sector innovation, and entrepreneurial activities inside established organisations. We will also address broad issues about innovation, and how it can lead to social benefits and economic value.


  • Examination 60%
  • Coursework 40%

Reading List

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Bessant, J, and Tidd, J. 2011. Wiley, 2nd Edition