School of Business and Management

Undergraduate modules

All the undergraduate modules that are run by the School of Business and Management are listed below.

Please note: the availability of modules, module organisers and the semester during which each module is run may vary from year to year. Detailed module information will be distributed at the start of your studies. 

Level 4 (Year 1)


Module code Module Semester
BUS001 Fundamentals of Management A
BUS021 Financial Accounting A
BUS101 Marketing and Communications  A
BUS107 Business and Society A
BUS108 Economics for Business and Society  A
BUS128 Applied Economics A
BUS129 Marketing Theory and Practice A
BUS130 Business in Social and Historical Context A
BUS136 Marketing Principles B
BUS005 Quantitative Research Methods  B
BUS017 Economics for Business B
BUS106 Accounting for Business B
BUS124 Work and Employment  B
BUS127 Organisational Behaviour B
BUS131 Management Studies and Skills for Strategic Managers B
BUS132 Work and Employment in Context B
BUS133 Organisation Studies B
BUS135 Quantitative Analysis for Business  B
BUS137 Economics for Business Management B

Level 5 (Year 2)


Module code Module Semester
BUS002 Operations Management A
BUS007 Research Methodology A
BUS201 Financial Institutions A
BUS204 Strategy A
BUS205 Business Law A
BUS208 Microeconomics for Managers A
BUS212 Ethics and Business A
BUS220 Persuasive Strategies in Marketing A
BUS224 International Corporate Reporting A
BUS226 Strategic Marketing A
BUS230 Entrepreneurial Learning A
BUS238 International Financial Accounting A
BUS240 Services Marketing A
BUS011 Marketing B
BUS014 Human Resource Management B
BUS022 Managerial Accounting B
BUS213 Advertising B
BUS216 Advanced Accounting for Business B
BUS222 Strategic Management B
BUS225 Corporate Finance & Strategy B
BUS227 International Marketing B
BUS229 Quantitative Research Methods and Data Analytics B
BUS233 Creative Industries B
BUS235 International Business Finance B
BUS236 Psychology of Leadership B
BUS237 Corporations and Social Responsibility B
BUS239 Management Accounting for Decision-Making B
BUS243 Responsible Leadership B
BUS244 European Business Context B

Level 6 (Year 3)


Module code Module Semester
BUS305 Managing Diversity A
BUS306 Financial Management A
BUS311 Social Networks A
BUS316 Social and Political Marketing A
BUS318 Consumer Psychology A
BUS326 Global Supply Chains A
BUS330 Macroeconomic Modelling and Policy A
BUS333 Business Analysis and Financial Accounting A
BUS338 Firm Governance and Strategy in the Institution Context A
BUS3VV* Financial Markets and Institutions A
BUS300 Innovation and Entrepreneurship B
BUS304 International Business B
BUS314 Dissertation B
BUS316 Social and Political Marketing B
BUS324 Management of Human Resources B
BUS327 Gender, Management and Leadership B
BUS329 Corporate Law and Governance B
BUS331 Company Valuation B
BUS334 Corporate Governance and Accountability B
BUS335 Business to Business and Relationship Marketing B
BUS337 Business Computing B
BUS342 Business Incubators and Start-ups B
BUS343 Evidence-based Management Critically Appraised Topic Project B
BUS344 Mentoring and Coaching B
POL380 Utopia and Dystopia: Political, Economic and Literary Dreamworlds B

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