School of Business and Management

BUSM084 New Product Development and Business Ecosystems


2 (2017/18)



Module organiser

Dr Giuliano Maielli

Module overview

The introduction and development of new products and processes is an essential drive of a firm's competitiveness. Yet, organizations do not operate in isolation but are a part of complex and increasingly globalized supply chains affecting innovation and new product development. The module New Product Development and Business Ecosystems enables students to analyze the innovation process within complex supply chains from the definition of a new product concept to the involvement of suppliers and partners in developing new product/process architectures. Students will address the organizational implications and challenges deriving from the involvement of partners and suppliers in new product development, through a blend of theoretical and case study based approaches. Students will be encouraged to critically evaluate issues of Governance and Strategic Management, by addressing the dynamics underpinning the emergence of new technological platforms and by investigating issues of outsourcing and knowledge "hollowing out", architectural knowledge and path dependent product development, open innovation and architectural innovation.


15% Practical, 25% Coursework, 60% Examination