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Millie McFarlane (Marketing and Management BSc, 2018)

Millie McFarlane studied Marketing and Management BSc and now works as a Creative Partnerships Executive at ITV. Millie has kindly given her time to share her story of why she chose Queen Mary and how her degree has helped her so far in her career.

Headshot of alumna, Millie McFarlane

What did you study at Queen Mary and what are you doing now?

I studied Marketing and Management BSc and I am currently working as a Creative Partnerships Executive in ITV’s commercial Sponsorship team. This involves the successful management and communication of ITV’s sponsorship inventory for brands to partner with. Further responsibilities include the pre-sale, account management, delivery and analysis of the multi-platform sponsorships across ITV programming.

In this role it is vital to work closely with a range of internal and external stakeholders to execute the sponsorship campaigns whilst importantly providing market-leading customer service to meet the needs of our clients.

Why did you choose to study at Queen Mary? What sparked your interest in your chosen course?

Combining my intent to study at a Russell Group university and live in London, Queen Mary was the perfect fit. I wanted to build a solid foundation of business skills whilst also exploring specialised subjects such as advertising, business law and consumer psychology.

How did your time and study at Queen Mary help your career and development and how did you get to where you are now?

My time at Queen Mary was instrumental to where I am now. The course challenged me to think both critically and creatively whilst giving me the confidence to present my ideas coherently in front of my peers in the form of presentations and smaller seminar group discussions. The Business School offers a wide range of additional career development resources, I utilised these and even secured work experience that prepared me for life after graduation.

What were some of your favourite things about your time at Queen Mary?

Diversity is at the core of Queen Mary and it was an absolute joy to work with students and Professors from a wide range of countries. I also thoroughly enjoyed modules that enabled me to express my creativity, one of my personal highlights being the creation of my very own advertisement in a small team who are now all very close friends of mine.

What do you love most about your job?

There is never a dull moment working in television. Working in such a busy and driven environment can be challenging but equally the friendly and inclusive atmosphere makes work fun.

What are your hopes and plans for your career going forwards?

I hope to make an impact in making the world a better place and envision myself achieving this through my contribution in better sustainability practices in businesses. I hope to continue to challenge myself and hope to complete a Masters in the near future.

Do you have any role models that you look up to, both inside and outside of your field?

Inside of my field, CEO of ITV, Dame Carolyn McCall, particularly for her contribution for services to women in business. Outside of my field, Malala Youafzai, for her bravery and determination for girls’ education. Lastly, Bill Gates, for his undeniable success as a businessman but more importantly for his utmost pursuit to give back to society with the fortune he has made, being the most charitable person in the world.

What would your advice be to students applying to study Business at Queen Mary? How can they make the most of their experience?

Believe in your ability and don’t be afraid, be determined to succeed and always stay hopeful. Make the most of your experience at Queen Mary by selecting modules that interest you and always ask questions, show your enthusiasm by speaking up in class and by optimising office hours with your Professors. Embrace making new friends and never underestimate the power of just saying hello to the stranger sat next to you in a lecture or seminar!



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