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School of Business and Management

Alumni Profile - Remmy

Remmy graduated from our BSc Marketing and Management programme in 2018 and is now an Account Executive at a marketing consultancy. He shares what he loved about the course and how it prepared him for his career.

"Marketing and Management was the perfect degree for me, as I was able to combine my creative, analytical and problem-solving skills and apply them to real world Remmy Matthew Ddungusituations. I was fascinated by the physiological aspects that influence consumption;  the clothes that we wear, the food that we eat and even the photos you see on Instagram, have all been specifically designed to appeal, attract and excite a specific audience. Marketing is also ever-changing, with new strategies, platforms and data being developed every day - right before our very eyes.

This course was instrumental for my career; not only did it give me an understanding of marketing processes, it also allowed me to creatively employ my fundamental knowledge in fun and creative ways, such as creating posters, designing adverts and curating social media pages. It was a really fun three years and I was able to join a marketing agency soon after. Marketing is such a wide industry that encourages a diversity of skills - I would reccommend anyone to try it out!"