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Research Dissertation in Clinical Microbiology (ICM7039)

Module convener:        

Michele Branscombe, 

This module requires the student to undertake an original piece of research involving the application of scientific investigation to an area relevant to clinical microbiology. The investigation can be laboratory based or can be patient care focused (e.g. an audit).

Fulltime students usually complete their project within BICMS or the NHS at Barts and the London. Part time students complete their project at their sponsoring institution.

Before any student commences their project, they complete a project proposal with their supervisor in the style of a grant application and include with this document a timeline for the research. The student is also expected to have a formal review of progress with the supervisor halfway through the project. Copies of the project proposal and the formal review are given to the module organiser.
The module organiser regularly liaises with the project supervisors of all students, especially the part time students who are completing the project under the supervision of their home institution.

The module aims to provide:

  • An understanding of ethical issues with regards to clinical research.
  • An introduction to grant proposal writing.
  • Experience of practical scientific research.
  • Develop organisational skills such as time management and record keeping.
  • Experience of presenting scientific research as a written document and at a seminar.

 At the end of this module students will be able to:

  • Understand when ethical approval for research is required and be able to obtain ethical approval for a project if required.
  • Write a simple grant proposal in collaboration with their project supervisor. This is presented to the course organisers before the project can commence.
  • Work independently and as part of a research team to complete a piece of original scientific research.
  • Provide a laboratory notebook or the data required for an audit in an organised manner to enable checking of data presented in the dissertation.
  • Present the final dissertation as a piece of scientific literature, following the style of a journal article. The content should be an accurate representation of data discovered and should include interpretation of the results obtained. Scientific referencing should be used throughout the written dissertation.

See reading list for Clinical Microbiology Research and Presentation Skills module


Duration: 7000-8000 words
Percentage weighting in module: 100%

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