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Haemorrhage and Response to Injury (ICM7051)

Module Leads: 

Prof S I

Prof K

This module will provide grounding in the basic science of haemorrhage and shock, coagulopathy in trauma, and introduce concepts such as damage control resuscitation and surgery.

  • Learn the tools to evaluate different clinical situations and broaden the knowledge on diagnosis and management of shock syndrome. Particular attention will be on the deranged physiology underlying the onset of acute traumatic coagulopathy.
  • Learn the tools to recognise shock and start the appropriate treatment.
  • Analyse the most recent literature on fluid management and damage control resuscitation.

Summative assessments occur weekly, and for each module will comprise of:

  • Multiple choice questions (MCQ) – Percentage weighting 20%
  • Written assignment of 1500 words (+-10%) – Percentage weighting 80% - minimum pass mark of 50%
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