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Globalisation and Health Systems (ICM7121)

Module lead:  Dr Elias Kondilis

This is a compulsory module for the MSc health systems and global policy, and an elective module for the MSc global public health and policy, MSc, global health, law and governance, and MSc international primary health care.

The aim of this module is to examine methods and processes of health care system privatisation and to examine critically the consequences with respect to arrangements for risk pooling, equity, and efficiency.

This module will introduce students to the core concepts and theories of economic analysis that have underpinned the global trend towards health care reform. Conventional economic analyses of health policy will be examined and contrasted with public health approaches to health care planning. Particular attention is given to the impact of commercialisation on health care systems as a result of the international policy of increased private provision of public services. Closer involvement of the private sector in the planning and provision of public services has a range of practical and normative implications of which policy analysts need to be aware.

We examine the equity and cost effects of key financing and resource allocation methods associated with the health system reform agenda. Particular attention is given to the impact of commercialisation on the role and methods of health care needs assessment and needs-based resource allocation. Key reform concepts including integration and decentralisation are examined.

• Critical understanding of theories of health sector privatisation
• Knowledge of comparative data on private sector participation in health care
• Systematic understanding of concepts and mechanisms of health service privatisation
• Systematic understanding of non-market methods of health service planning and resource allocation
• Critically analyse public and private control over resources in health care systems
• Critically appraise the consequences of public and private control in health care systems
• Synthesise findings with respect to equity of access and universal health care
• Develop a global perspective with respect to access to health care
• Develop a research and policy analysis capacity with respect to public health

Key texts
• Florio, M. (2004) Great divestiture: evaluating the welfare impact of the British privatizations, 1979-1997. MA: MIT Press
• Yescombe, E. (2007) Public private partnerships: principles of policy and finance. Butterworth-Heinemann
• Glennerster, H. (2003) Understanding the finance of welfare. Oxford: Policy Press.

(i) group presentation (20%); (ii) 3,000 word assignment (80%)

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