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Experimental Pathology Project (ICM6024)

Dept. responsible. Pathology Unit, Blizard Institute

Course organiser:

Dr. J. Groet

The project will normally be a piece of original research, which is expected to occupy at least half of the time throughout the course. It will normally involve experimental work or measurements on patients undergoing clinical investigation, and is presented as a written report. Students will also deliver a short oral presentation at the end of the first term, and then again at the completion of their project

The project is chosen from one or more of several broad subject areas such as:

  • Cardiovascular pathophysiology
  • Molecular genetics
  • Neuropathology
  • Tumour pathology
  • Vascular biomechanics

The project is assessed by marking an 8000 word dissertation, which is written by the student. A presentation and viva voce form part of the assessment.

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