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Experimental Neuropathology (ICM6021)

Dept. responsible. Pathology Unit, Blizard Institute

Course organisers:

Dr Jurgen Groet,

Prof Joanne E. Martin,

The module covers the areas of brain injury due to mechanical trauma as well as neuro-degeneration, with emphasis on the research techniques that may be used to study the pathogenesis of disorders. These include the use of animal models of neurological disease, genetic mapping and gene expression techniques, as well as the field of proteomics.

Topics include: Genetic factors in disease including: non-Mendelian inheritance, genes and disease, genetic modelling of disease, and phenotype analysis, axonal transport, mechanisms of neuronal death. The general pathology of head injury, neuro-degeneration and demyelination, specific neuro-degenerative diseases, including: motor neuron, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases, as well as technical aspects including: genomics and proteomics will be covered.

This is a taught module delivered through lectures. It will cover laboratory techniques designed to diagnose and model neuropathological diseases. This covers techniques such as PCR, imaging and animal models. The biology of neural cells will be covered such as demyelination, axonal transport, cell death pathways and stem cell replacement. Clinical aspects include trauma, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson's Disease, motor neuron disease, Pick's disease and tauopathies.

To understand the pathogenesis of head injury at a cellular and molecular level, and the sequence of events following on from the initial insult. To understand the use of animal models in the study of neurological disease. To understand neurodegeneration and some of the approaches used in the study of such disorders. To understand the principles of genetic and physical mapping, and the basis of the study of gene expression. The module will complement the syllabus in basic neurosciences, and is strongly linked at a technical and applied level to the clinical neurosciences.

Examination 100%

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