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Dr Ratna Sohanpal, BDS, Msc, DDPH, PhD


Post-doctoral Researcher in Health Services Research and General RDS Advisor

Telephone: 020 7882 2492


Ratna is a Post-doctoral researcher in health services research and Primary Care Senior Trial Manager in the PCTU. Her research interests include complex interventions, chronic disease management, COPD management, improving patient participation in research and in evidence-based self-management support programmes. Ratna currently manages a NIHR-HTA funded multi-centre randomised controlled trial called TANDEM. TANDEM  is looking at whether a cognitive behavioural approach intervention delivered by trained respiratory health care professionals and linked with pulmonary rehabilitation improves anxiety and/or depression in moderate to severe patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  


Problem-Based Learning


Research Interests:

Research involving complex interventions for the prevention, management and self-management of long term conditions using mixed-methods approaches.

Recent and Ongoing research projects:

STOP: Smoking Treatment Optimisation in Community Pharmacies

TANDEM: Tailored intervention for Anxiety and Depression Management in COPD


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