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Dr Natalia Lewis, PhD


Research Fellow

Telephone: 020 7882 2545


Natalia’s research interest in domestic violence and health is built upon years of clinical work in Russian primary care and voluntary work with domestic violence charities. She first attained her medical degree, worked as a general practitioner and neurologist, and then completed a PhD on prevalence and associations of domestic violence in Russian general practice. Newton International Fellowship from the Royal Society enabled her move to the UK to work within a research group led by Professor Gene Feder at University of Bristol. Her post-doctoral projects included longitudinal analysis of HPA axis functioning in abused women (CEASE study), evaluation of a training intervention for general practice on domestic violence and child safeguarding (RESPONDS study) and review of grey literature on interventions for children exposed to domestic violence. Natalia joined the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health in 2015 as a Research Fellow. She is a member of the IRIS/ CLAHRC team working on post-implementation evaluation of the IRIS intervention in northeast London. IRIS (Identification and Referral to Improve Safety) is a practice-based intervention to improve primary care response to domestic violence.


Natalia is a quantitative and qualitative researcher interested in health consequences of domestic violence against women and in health system response to this problem.



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