Blizard Institute - Barts and The London

Miss Priya Patel, BSc (Hons), MSc

Research Assistant

Centre: Centre for Neuroscience, Surgery and Trauma



I am currently a Research Assistant working on the ROWTATE feasibility study.

I studied psychology at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, as I am extremely passionate about increasing understanding of mental health and improving access to mental health care. Alongside my studies, I undertook an internship with Professor Panos Vostanis at a non-governmental organisation called WACIT (World Awareness for Children in Trauma). This involved creating psychoeducational resources to help frontline professionals in countries such as Turkey and Greece better understand how to support refugee children exposed to trauma. This really highlighted to me how trauma affects all areas of someone’s life, from their mental health to the quality of their relationships, and that support in these areas is an unmet need for trauma patients.


Research Interests:

The study that I am currently working on, alongside researchers at the University of Nottingham, is the ROWTATE feasibility study. This study follows on from research which found that one third of trauma patients had not returned to work one year post-injury and, of course, this had many psychological and financial consequences for these individuals. The ROWTATE study aims to help these individuals with their return to work (or education) through an intervention run by occupational therapists (OTs) and clinical psychologists (CPs). For example, one aspect of the intervention involves OTs liaising with employers to ensure relevant accommodations are in place and another involves CPs providing psychological support throughout the process. I am really looking forward to starting recruitment onto this study as it aims to improve quality of life for so many trauma patients’ and is in line with my strong belief in using holistic approaches.


Key Publications

Epistemic vigilance online: Textual inaccuracy and children's selective trust in webpages, Einav S, Levey A, Patel P, Westwood A. British Journal of Developmental Psychology. 2020 Apr 28, doi: 10.1111/bjdp.12335