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Mrs Sybil Bannister


Clinical Research Nurse

Centre: Neuroscience and Trauma


Awarded a baccalaureate degree in nursing from Our Lady of Holy Cross College in the USA and successfully completed national nursing’s board examinations and accepted onto the registry 1992.

In the USA, primary clinical practice focused on adult surgical critical care with special interests in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery and with secondary clinical focus in-patient adolescent psychiatric disorders. Since moving to the United Kingdom, initial clinical practice focused on heart and lung transplants and cardiothoracic thoracic surgery intensive care.

14 years of experience working with phase 2A, 2B and 3 clinical national and international trials in haemaglobinapthies, medicinal pain products and colorectal disorders. Clinical Manager of CRO. Headed Healthcare Consumers division that provided qualitative and quantitative patient’s data sets to pharmaceutical and device development industries.  Lead Nurse for Health Associated Infection Technology and Innovation Programme (HCAI) – Lewisham NHS Trust which aim was to speed up the innovation-adoption of new technologies that can be shown, or might be assisted to show, clinical effectiveness against HCAIs and support industry to make them available to the NHS.

 Currently, the clinical research nurse for the CapaCiTY and SMART studies



Vasavda, Nisha, Bannister S et al. The Interaction of UGT1A, HO1 and α-Thalassemia Variants with Bilirubin Levels and Gallstones in Sickle Cell Disease.  Blood (2006): 1202-1202 

Vasavda, N., Menzel, S., Kondaveeti, S., Maytham, E., Awogbade, M., Bannister, S., & Fulford, T. (2007). The linear effects of α‐thalassaemia, the UGT1A1 and HMOX1 polymorphisms on cholelithiasis in sickle cell disease. British journal of haematology, 138(2), 263-270.

Vasavda, N., Ulug, P., Kondaveeti, S., Ramasamy, K., Sugai, T., Cheung, G., & Menzel, S. Bannisters (2007). Circulating DNA: a potential marker of sickle cell crisis. British journal of haematology139(2), 331-336 

Department of Health Showcase Hospitals:  Local Technology Review Report number 2 Cuff-Guard 

Kairos auditing system product evaluations: local technology review Department of Health

Website Development and Design: Lewisham Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control:        

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