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Miss Marie-Ange Kouassi



Current PhD research project:

The hormonal and pharmacological regulation of neuromuscular and myogenic human gastric activity (2014-2018)

Supervised by: Professor Gareth Sanger, Dr Pavel Novak.

  • Understanding how different hormones and compounds alter the rhythmicity of neuronally mediated and myogenic movements of the human stomach
  • Generation of an in-vitro model of nausea and identification of potential novel treatment interventions
  • Isolation and characterisation of human interstitial cells of Cajal


Marie-Ange Kouassi is a member of the British Pharmacological Society (BPS), which allows her to contribute to their annual conferences and attend workshops. She is also a STEM Ambassador, engaging with the general public and inspiring the younger generation to pursue a career in science. She is also a representative for fellow PhD students in her department liasing with academics.


Marie-Ange Kouassi is a PhD student at the Blizard Institute within the School of Medicine and Dentistry of Queen Mary University of London.  She read Biochemistry specialising in Pharmacology at the University of Surrey in 2010 and in her penultimate year, undertook a research-training year at the Australian School of Advanced Medicine in Sydney, Australia (2012-2013) investigating anaemia and hypertension in a model of chronic kidney disease.


Research Interests:

  1. Understanding mechanisms of nausea and the identification of novel treatment for gastric neuromuscular disorders e.g. gastroparesis.
  2. Sickle cell anaemia and the development of effective, affordable yet selective treatment interventions.
  3. Understanding the biochemistry of cancer cells and how manipulation of their environment can be used to develop novel treatment.


Kouassi MA, Broad J, Palmer A, Parampalli U, Goralczyk A, Noval P, Sanger GJ. Dysrhythmia of Myogenic and Cholinergic Activity Induced by Motilin in Human Isolated Stomach. pA2 Online: British Journal of Pharmacology (BJP) (Dec 2015)

Scott F, Shahid R, Broad J, Kouassi MA, Kung V, Palmer A, Sanger GJ. Insulin-like peptide 5 and relaxin-3 inhibit cholinergically-mediated contractions in mouse but not human isolated colon. pA2 Online: British Journal of Pharmacology (BJP) (Dec 2015)

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