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Professor William Wade, BSc PhD


Professor of Oral Microbiology

Telephone: 020 7882 2308



William Wade graduated in Biological Sciences in 1978 from the University of East Anglia. He pursued a PhD in Oral Microbiology at Cardiff Dental School and was appointed to a Lectureship there in 1987. He then moved in 1993 to the University of Bristol to take up a Senior Lectureship in Oral Microbiology, and in 1996 he was appointed Professor of Oral Microbiology at UMDS, now King's College London. Since 2002 he has been an Honorary Senior Research Investigator at the Forsyth Institute, Boston, USA. In 2013 he was appointed Professor of Oral Microbiology at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London.




The human body is heavily colonised by microorganisms including Bacteria, Archaea, viruses, fungi and protozoa and are known collectively as the human microbiome. In recent years, there has been substantial interest in the role of the human microbiome in health and disease and William Wade has been one of the pioneers in the development for its characterisation, in particular the oral microbiome. He is a curator of the Human Oral Microbiome Database ( which has been developed with collaborators at the Forsyth Institute in Cambridge, USA.
Current research interests are the characterisation of the composition of the human microbiome, determination of the functional roles of members of the microbiome in health and disease and the development of novel methods for the culture of the majority of the microbiome which has yet to be cultured. The development of novel prevention measures and treatments, such as probiotics, for microbiome-associated diseases is a major focus.



Lectures on Microbiology for undergraduate and Master’s courses

Problem Based Learning for Medicine

Topics available for PhD supervision:

  • Culture of “uncultivable” human-associated bacteria

  • Role of human microbiome in health and disease

  • Characterisation of bacterial growth factors



Research Interests:

Current research projects are:


  • Foundation for the oral microbiome and metagenome - the description of the oral microbiome in health and disease
  • Novel methods for the cultivation of previously uncultured oral bacteria

  • In-vitro biofilm models for evaluation of oral hygiene products

  • Development and evaluation of probiotics for oral disease

  • Effect of treatment on the colonic microbiome in Crohn’s disease in children

  • Development of the gut microbiome in infants born pre-term

  • Role of oral bacteria in nitrate reduction and its relevance to cardiovascular health


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Pine, C., Adair, P., Robinson, L., Burnside, G., Moynihan, P., Wade, W., Kistler, J., Curnow, M., Henderson, M. The BBaRTS Healthy Teeth Behaviour Change Programme for preventing dental caries in primary school children: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial. Trials 2016; 17: 103.

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PhD Supervision

Dr Sonia Vartoukian - Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Erica Prosdocimi - Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Miss Katherine Wong - Research Assistant

Dr Protima Amon - Clinical Training Fellow


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