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Dr Kristin Braun, BA, PhD


Senior Lecturer in Epithelial Biology

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 2350



Dr Kristin Braun  was awarded a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology in 2000 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She then moved to the United Kingdom to train as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Professor Fiona Watt at Cancer Research UK, where she developed a research interest in characterizing the epidermal stem cell compartment.  In 2006, she was awarded an MRC Collaborative Career Development Fellowship in Stem Cell Research and appointed as a Non-clinical Lecturer in the Blizard Institute.  In 2016, she was promoted to Senior Lecturer.     




Public Engagement and Widening Participation Activities

  • STEMnet Ambassador (
  • Centre of the Cell Summer School, Blizard Institute Academic Organiser
  • Royal Society funded partnership grant with West Byfleet Infant School
  • Volunteer at Centre of The Cell (www.centreof
  • Host work placement students in my laboratory



Dr Braun is  involved in many aspects of medical and science education. Her contributions have encompassed leadership roles, programme development, overseeing assessment, and providing pastoral support. 

Key roles include:

  • Postgraduate Taught Programme Lead, Blizard Institute
  • Principal Internal Examiner, MBBS Graduate Entry Programme
  • Course Director, MSc Regenerative Medicine


Research in her laboratory aims to characterise regulation of epithelial stem cells during tissue homeostasis, and evaluate how these mechanisms become deregulated during wound healing and disease pathogenesis.

Public engagement

She contributes to several public engagement and widening participation activities, including helping to organise the Centre of the Cell Summer School. This programme (delivered in partnership with the Blizard Institute) gives talented 16-year-old students from East London an opportunity to participate in a range of science and healthcare related activities. 


Leadership Roles

  • Postgraduate Taught Programme Lead, Blizard Institute
  • Education Lead, Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research
  • Principal Internal Examiner, MBBS Graduate Entry Programme Parts 1 & 2
  • Chair, MBBS Part 3 Subject Examination Board


Postgraduate Education

  • Course Director, MSc Regenerative Medicine
  • Module Lead, Stem cell and developmental biology (ICM7142)
  • Module Lead, Tissue-specific stem cells (ICM7144)
  • Module Lead, Research project in regenerative medicine (ICM7146)
  • Personal tutor, MSc Regenerative Medicine


Undergraduate Education

  • Module Lead, Stem cell and regenerative medicine (BMD363)
  • Facilitator, MBBS Problem based learning
  • Tutor, MBBS Student Selected Component (SSC2)
  • Project Supervisor, BmedSci and BSc research projects
  • Personal Mentor, MBBS Parts 1 and 2


PhD Student Supervision

Current             Mr. Christopher Smith                    Primary Supervisor

Current              Mr. Sreekanth Reddy                     Secondary Supervisor

2014                 PhD (London), Supatra Marsh       Secondary Supervisor

2011                 PhD (London), Alex K. Elder          Primary Supervisor



Research Interests:

Research in her laboratory aims to characterise regulation of epithelial stem cells during tissue homeostasis, and evaluate how these mechanisms become deregulated during wound healing and disease pathogenesis. We use mammalian epithelium to investigate these questions, including human tissue samples, genetically modified mice, and reconstitution of epithelia in cell culture. 

Specific areas of investigation include:

  • Assessing the effects of Polycomb group repressors in regulating epidermal stem cells
  • Evaluating responses of epithelial cells to acute bacterial infection
  • Developing novel in vitro models of wound-healing


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Mr. Christopher Smith, PhD student