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Central Autoclave and glasswash facility

Central Autoclave/Glass Wash Facility

The staff who operate this facility are:

Ms Hoa Luong
Mr Mohamed Khaz 
Mr David Newman

The Autoclave/Glass Wash Facility is a restricted area, but staff can be contacted as follows:

Extension 2301


The central Autoclave/Glass Wash facility is as its name suggests is where waste laboratory material containing, or potentially containing, infectious agents and genetically-modified (GM) material is heat-inactivated prior to being sent for incineration. The Institute is under a legal obligation to ensure that all material containing Hazard Group 2 pathogens and above, as well as any GM material is processed and made safe before it leaves our buildings The facility is equipped with two large Priorclave autoclaves for the inactivation of infectious waste and these operate at a temperature 134°C for the inactivation of solid waste. A third autoclave is used for the sterilization of media, buffers and other material as requested by research staff. 


Dirty glassware for the laboratories is cleaned using the three Lancer glass washers then placed into a drying cabinet until completely dry and ready for re-use. This facility is also equipped with a dry heat sterilising oven (160ºC) which is used for the sterilization of glassware and instruments.

Laundering of laboratory coats/gowns

The staff are also responsible for arranging the laundering of laboratory coats and for ensuring that stocks of clean coats are always available. We often find that the supply of clean laboratory coats diminishes despite the fact that there are many apparently unused ones hanging in the lab areas. In order to redress the balance a collection of unused coats is arranged approximately twice a year. An email notice is circulated informing everyone to identify that their coat is in current use by sticking a piece of tape containing their name and a recent date on the back of the collar. During a prescribed period all those coats without labels are collected and sent for laundering. The contents of the pockets are transferred to a box in the Autoclave/Glass wash room so that anyone who was unaware of the collection or merely forgot to label their coat is able to come and collect personal items for some time afterwards.
The staff who operate this facility deal with the transport, handling and processing of infectious waste, glassware and materials for cleaning and sterilization. Should you have any special requirements regarding the sterilisation of equipment, media or buffers, the staff will always be pleased to help. Supplies of clinical waste bags, sharps boxes (4, 7 and 24L sizes are routinely available but other types may be obtained on request) and plastic identification ties may be obtained by contacting the staff via the email or phone number below.


The Laboratory Manager responsible for this facility is:


Jeff Maskell x2324

Or in his absence:

Chris Pelling  x2289

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