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Access requirements

All new staff and QM card holders who don't currently have access to the Blizard Institute are required to undergo an induction into the building which describes the laboratory services, health and safety requirements, especially those applicable to those planning to work in the laboratories, fire regulations and security systems. The induction programme also includes an escorted tour of the building during which you will be shown the circulation routes, restricted areas and means of escape. Inductions are conducted by one of the Laboratory Management team and y take place by appointment Mondays and Fridays at 14.30hrs starting from the Blizard foyer.At least one hour should be allowed for this event.
A copy of the 'Local Health and Safety Rules and Operational Plan' must be read by all inductees and an acknowledgement form completed confirming that they have read the document and agree to comply with it. A 'Fire Safety Induction and Familiarisation' form will also need to be completed and signed.

Application for your Staff ID and Entry Card

For entry to the Blizard building you need to complete three forms. Download the documents here:

Induction form March 2017.pdf [PDF 273KB] The induction form should be completed (preferably typed) and signed by the Centre Lead/Supervisor and the Institute Manager or their deputy.

HS_rules_Revised_February_2013 [PDF 1KB]   The Health and Safety book is for your reference. Please sign the front page.


oFFICE_hs_RULES_2013 [PDF 1KB] 

A third form (Fire Safety Induction and Familiarisation form) will be provided for signing following the induction.

Fire Safety Induction and Familiarisation form Fire Familiarisation form v2013.pdf [PDF 239KB] 

Existing QMUL card holders must complete the induction course before their card can be activated for access to the Blizard Institute.

Personal safety and security within the building is paramount and access must be strictly controlled. All staff and students must carry and display their identity/access cards at all times and produce them for inspection on demand. Everyone permitted access must be familiar with the local health and safety rules for the building as well as any specific rules governing specialist or core facilities for which they have been authorised to use.
They must comply with any instructions issued by staff managing those facilities. The cards provide access to those areas of the Blizard Institute that an individual has been permitted entry to following an induction and any additional specific training that may have been required. Under no circumstances should an access card be loaned to anyone else.

New laboratory staff should initially be chaperoned, to ensure correct and safe working, when first commencing work in any facility. Unsupervised laboratory work must only be authorised after individuals have received pertinent training and have been evaluated by their supervisor. They may then be deemed competent to work alone. Documentation must be available to support this evaluation.

Members of staff who are working in the laboratories are encouraged to attend all relevant health and safety course provided by the College. Those particularly relevant to those working in the Blizard laboratories are 'Working with Biological Hazards' and 'COSHH Risk Assessment'. A record of all training and competence must be retained by the individual Centres and Core Facilities. 

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