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The lab is interested in the application of both computational modeling and pattern recognition to understand biological function. We have a specific focus on epigenetics and in particular DNA methylation. We developed and maintain Marmal-aid a public database of Illumina 450K data. We aim to work closely and collaborate with a number of wet lab biologists in order to build appropriate models and test our predictions.


Holland M.L.*, Lowe R.*, Caton P.W., Gemma C., Carbajosa G., Danson A.F., Carpenter A.A., Loche E., Ozanne S.E. and Rakyan V.K. Intergenerational effects of gene-environment induced epigenetic dynamics at rDNA in the mouse Science 2016 353(6298):495-8

Lowe R, Overhoff MG, Ramagopalan SV, Garbe JC, Koh J, Stampfer MR, Beach DH, Rakyan VK and Bishop CL. The Senescent Methylome and its relationship with cancer, ageing, and germline genetic variation in humans. Genome Biology 2015

Lowe R, Slodkowicz G, Goldman N, Rakyan VK. The human blood DNA methylome displays a highly distinctive profile compared with other somatic tissues. Epigenetics. 2015;10(4):274-81

* - joint first authors


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