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Ficz Lab

We are interested in epigenetic mechanisms in normal cells and in early stages of cancer development. There is a strong association between cancer and an abnormal epigenome but most data is correlative. Out ambition is to understand the contribution of epigenetic mechanisms to cancer initiation. We are interested in both solid tumours and haematological malignancies, collaborate with cancer specialists and have access to primary materials at the BCI tissue banks.


Gabriella Ficz,Timothy A Hore, Fatima Santos, Heather J Lee, Wendy Dean, Julia Arand, Felix Krueger, David Oxley, Yu-Lee Paul, Jörn Walter, Simon J Cook, Simon Andrews, Miguel R Branco, Wolf Reik (2013) ³FGF Signaling Inhibition in ESCs Drives Rapid Genome-wide Demethylation to the Epigenetic Ground State of Pluripotency² Cell Stem Cell 13(3):351-9

Gabriella Ficz, Miguel R. Branco, Stefanie Seisenberger, Fátima Santos, Felix Krueger, Timothy A. Hore, C. Joana Marques, Simon Andrews & Wolf Reik (2011) ³Dynamic regulation of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in mouse ES cells and during differentiation². Nature 19;473(7347):398-402.

Group Members

Dr. Emily Saunderson (Postdoc)
Dr. Michael Rushton (Postdoc)
Lily Hoa (Research Assistant)
Hemalvi Patani (PhD Student)
Ateeq Hayat (PhD Student)
Katharine Ailsa Hodby (PhD Student)


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