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Epigenetics Hub Core Groups

Vardhman Rakyan Paul Hurd Miguel Branco
Rob Lowe Gabriella Ficz Bori Mifsud

Associate Groups

Cleo Bishop - The role of senescence in cancer, ageing and in pro-senescence therapy for cancer, with a particular interest in the regulation of p16, a member of the INK/ARF locus.

David Clayton - Influence of life experience on gene expression in the brain, focusing on songbirds as models.

Richard Grose - FGFR signalling, development of drug resistance in response to RTK targeted therapies, and the role of epigenetics in mediating the re-wiring of intracellular signalling pathways.

Graham Hitman - Type 2 Diabetes and developmental programming.

Anrejs Ivanov - Mechanisms of therapeutic antibody-induced cell death and genome-lamina interactions in lymphoma development.

David Leslie - Variability of disease risk through the study of epigenetics in identical twins discordant for Type 1 diabetes.

Silvia Marino - How Polycomb group genes can be exploited to enhance the regenerative function of stem cells in ageing and disease.

Ana O’loughlen - Epigenetic regulators of cellular senescence in the context of cancer and ageing.

Denise Sheer - Genetic and epigenetic studies of children’s brain tumours to understand mechanisms of gene deregulation.

Elena Bochukova - RNA-mediated mechanisms in metabolic disease.

Yannick Wurm - Identification of genes and mechanisms involved in the evolution of insect societies.

Genome Centre - a highly collaborative core facility working with researchers from both within Queen Mary University and the wider scientific community.
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