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  • Antibody fluorochromes- UV
  • Antibody fluorochromes- Violet
  • Antibody fluorochromes- Blue
  • Antibody fluorochromes- Yellow-Green
  • Antibody fluorochromes- Red
  • BB515
  • DNA stains
  • Organelle stains
  • Reactive Oxygen Species stains
  • Calcium Dyes
  • Miscellaneous stains
  • Fluorescent Proteins
  • Fluorochrome Spectral Viewer

Short list of fluorochromes, cell dyes & stains available

  • Antibody fluorochromes, cell dyes & stains [PDF - 52KB]

Quantum dots can also be used on the flow cytometers at ICMS, these include Qdot 525, Qdot 585, Qdot 605, Qdot 655, for details about the use of Qdots please go to the section on Quantum Dots.

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