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Millipore Muse

Specification Comments
Fluorescence sensitivity <2,000 molecules of equivalent soluble
Fluorescence resolution < 3% for PI labelled chick erythrocyte nuclei
Forward scatter sensitivity photodiode
Forward scatter resolution 10,000 to 500,000 particles/ml
sample flow rate 7-36 ul/min
Excitation optics
Optical platform Fixed optical assembly
Lasers 532nm Green HeNe laser
Emission optics
Optical Coupling Guava type flow cell
Fluorescence Detectors 2 Photodiodes
Two fluorescence detectors High performance, high dynamic range photodiodes with filters for PE-PI (576/28nm) and PE-Cy5-7-AAD (680/30nm)
Signal processing
Workstation resolution Four decades for area parameter detection
Data acquisition channels Three acquisition channels
Dynamic range 32-bit data acquisition
Pulse processing Digital

Time Not available
Digital Compensation Electronics provides digital correction of spectral overlap
Data management
Central processing Intel processor

Muse Software

Embedded intel ATOM-based PC with 160GB Hard Drive
Monitor 4-6 inch built in touch screen
Data File Structure Flow Cytometry Standard 3.0
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