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BD FACScan Analyser

Specification Comments
Fluorescence sensitivity <2,000 molecules of equivalent soluble fluoroscein
Fluorescence resolution < 3% for PI labelled chick erythrocyte nuclei
Forward and side scatter sensitivity Sensitivity enables the separation of fixed platelets from noise
Forward and side scatter resolution 5,000 events/sec
Excitation optics
Optical platform Fixed optical assembly,
Lasers 20mW Coherent 488nm, air cooled, argon ion laser
FITC (530/30nm); PE (575/26nm), PerCP, or PE-Cy5,or PE-Cy5-5 or PE-Cy7 (650nmLP)
Emission optics
Optical Coupling Quartz cuvette is coupled to emission lens by refractive index-matching optical gel for optimum collection efficiency
Fluorescence Detectors 3 PMTs
Three fluorescence detectors High performance, high dynamic range photomultipliers with filters for FITC, PE and PE-Cy5 or PE-Cy7
Signal processing
Workstation resolution Four decades for peak detection,
Data acquisition channels Five acquisition channels
Dynamic range 12-bit data acquisition
1,024linear channels displayed in a 4-decade logarithmic display
Pulse processing Not available

Time Time available correlated to any parameter
Analogue Compensation Electronics provides analogue correction of spectral overlap
Data management
Central processing Intel processor

CellQuest Pro II

Apple Mac G5 computer with OSX operating system
Monitor 15-inch LCD monitors
Data File Structure Flow Cytometry Standard 2.0
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