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Clinical Effectiveness Group

Waltham Forest

practice e-bulletin

16 February 2023
QScore calculations In EMIS, IIF searches updated, pop-up alerts

9 February 2023
APL-Imms V2.2, Cancer Referral Form

2 February 2023
Recording FIT Results For IIF - Coding Change Reminder

19 January 2023
Webinar recording: SMI Physical Health Checks, Updated IIF searches

12 January 2023
Upcoming webinar on QOF, Digital Weight Management referral

5 January 2023
Pause Using APL-Imms, Updated Covid Searches

21 December 2022
Festive break, Covid Booster searches, Power BI issues, Upcoming webinar

15 December 2022
North East London performing best in London in the Polio Booster Campaign

8 December 2022
Coding change in recording FIT results for IIF, EMIS plans to remove integrated QScore calculations

1 December 2022
Coding advice and increasing the uptake of NHS Health Checks

24 November 2022
Updated resources for IIF, CEG Cancer Diagnosis Audit Tool - updated search, new Air Pollution resources

17 November 2022
Updated NHS Health Checks flowchart, CEG’s work with NEL profiled in new CVD report, published by The King's Fund

10 November 2022
Second IIF webinar recording and guidance on FH pathway

27 October 2022
IIF and Cancer webinar recordings, updated Care Home searches

13 October 2022
Polio vaccinations, upcoming webinars, Prevalence Improvement searches

6 October 2022
IIF webinar, Cancer Diagnosis Audit Tool

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