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Hackney e-bulletin archive

11 August 2022
Updated templates, EMIS tip, CEG Friday's support sessions

5 August 2022
Introducing APL-Imms Version 2

28 July 2022
Updated Searches For NHS Health Checks

21 July 2022
New Microsoft Security Feature Affecting Excel Dashboards & Updated Searches

14 July 2022
Updated Care Home And Covid Searches, Recruiting New Facilitator

7 July 2022
Research On GP Continuity Of Care And Updated Searches And Referral Form

30 June 2022
Action For Practices On Polio Virus And Updated Templates And Searches

23 June 2022
Asthma Research, Diabetes coding, Updated template and referral forms

16 June 2022
Updated Child Imms Searches S1, Retired SMR Searches, Diabetes Research

9 June 2022
Setting Up Appointment Mapping

1 June 2022
Updated Searches For IIF And Prevalence Improvement

26 May 2022
Coding FIT Results For Lower GI Referrals

19 May 2022
Updated Template For Child Safeguarding, Survey, EMIS NUG Annual Conference

6 May 2022
Updated Searches For IIF And Child Imms, GP Contracts Workshop

21 April 2022
Updates To Our Post COVID Referral Form And Practice Support

14 April 2022
New Searches And Templates To Support The PCN DES IIF, GP Contract Workshops

7 April 2022
Updates To The CEG Childhood Immunisation Template

31 March 2022
CEG Report

24 March 2022
Searches For Spring COVID Vaccination Programme

17 March 2022
QOF Child Imms, COVACC Updates, One Additional Role Template, SMI LIS Sign Up

10 March 2022
Child Imms Protocol, IMP2ART Asthma Study, GP Contract Changes

17 February 2022
EGFR Tool, EMIS Safety Notice, COVID Searches, APL-Imms Webinar Recording

10 February 2022
Searches For HPV Vaccination, Care Homes & Survey

3 February 2022
APL Imms Webinar, Survey, COVID Searches; Booster And Immunosuppressed

27 January 2022
APL-Imms Launch Email To Practices

CH 20 January 2022
COVID Searches, CVD Economic Evaluation, Fact File, LTC Webinar Recording

CH 6 January 2022
COVACC Searches For Children, Palliative Care Pan London Referral

CH 16 December 2021
SMI LIS Webinars, LTC Template, Flu Fact File, Festive Office Closure

CH 09 December 2021
Weight Management Enhanced Service, SMI LIS, LTC Template Update

C&H 02 December 2021
Updated Searches For Flu And IIF, Covid Boosters, Health Spot 

C&H 25 November 2021
Child Imms FAQ And Template Update

C&H 11 November 2021
MMR Catch-Up, BP@Home Monitoring, Searches For Neonatal Hep B And Seasonal Flu

C&H 4 November 2021
QOF Childhood Immunisations, Upcoming Webinar On Child Imms, IIF Searches

C&H 29 October 2021
QOF Results, SCID, Weight Management Pop-Up, IIF Webinar Recording

C&H 19 October 2021
New Resources For The PCN Investment And Impact Fund

C&H 14 October 2021
Immunosuppressed Patient Carers, Drug Monitoring Searches, IIF, Quality Improvement visits

C&H 7 October 2021
Documents, Templates, Dashboards, Offer Of Support Visits

C&H 29 September 2021
Covacc Booster, Child Imms Searches, LTC Template Update, SCID

C&H 23 September 2021
Searches For Covid Boosters, Template MOTs, Flu Webinar Online

C&H 16 September 2021
Covid Vaccination 12-15s, Flu Pregnancy Searches, NDPP Referrals

C&H 8 September 2021
Seasonal Flu Vaccination

C&H 27 August 2021
New Social Prescribing Template, Safeguard Blood Testing Capacity

C&H 20 August 2021
Searches For Covid Vaccination Phase 3

C&H 12 August 2021
Support Searches For CQC, New Bariatric & Antenatal Referral Forms

C&H 22 July 2021
EMIS QOF Icons, APL-AF Searches, New SNOMED Code For PCOS

C&H 15 July 2021
PCOS And Other SNOMED Codes Made Inactive

C&H 28 June 2021
New Searches For IIF, EMIS Technical Issues, QOF Asthma

C&H 17 June 2021
Bringing Forward The Second Dose, Cancer QOF Advice, New Templates

C&H 3 June 2021
CEG Dashboards

CH Practice Update 27th May 2021
Updated template; LTC review, updated search; bowel cancer screening in younger age groups

CH Practice Update 20th May 2021
Updated Covid vaccination searches, new F12 launcher for cancer referral forms

CH Practice Update 17th May 2021
New QOF Searches, Our Guide To PCA, Webinar Recordings

CH Practice Update 6th May 2021
Updated forms and searches - 2WW, Prevalence Improvement

CH Practice Update 30th April 2021
Covid vaccination recall, including Pfizer/Moderna only, Follow up with Covid vaccination decliners, New pathways for women’s health: first template available

CH Practice Update 26th April 2021
Structured Medication Review webinar, Explaining the changes to QOF webinar sign up forms

CH Practice Update 22nd April 2021
Childhood immunisations call/recall, 45-49 cohort for Covid-19 vaccination, Structured Medication Review

CH Practice Update 25th March 2021 [PDF 612KB]
New searches for COVID vaccination 2nd doses. Vitamin D and care homes searches.
Pregnant women at high risk should be considered for COVID vaccination. Post COVID clinic referral form

CH Practice Update 18th March 2021 [PDF 498KB]
Update on Focus on LD and SMI patients, Follow up with decliners, Reminder about carers, version 9.1 

CH Practice Update 8th March 2021 [PDF 881KB]
Updated COVID vaccination searches to copy over (COVID 1st vaccine call and uptake v9), New Sats monitoring and Post-COVID pages

CH Practice Update 3rd March 2021 [PDF 902KB]
Updated template: RP COVID-19 CEG v9 – please ensure you are using this updated version, New referral forms: Post-COVID Clinic and DAS/Oximetry at home

CH Practice Update 1st March 2021 [PDF 430KB]
New COVID vaccination search to identify patients added to cohort 4, Coding carers for COVID vaccination 

CH Practice Update 16th February 2021 [PDF 444KB]
Copy the new recall searches (version 8) before you call cohort 6, Review your pregnancy register 

CH Practice Update 9th February 2021 [PDF 428KB]
Patients reluctant to travel to COVID vaccination hubs need to be coded as ‘temporarily housebound’, recall searches for cohort 6

CH Practice Update 12th January 2021 - [PDF 527KB]
Carehome and housebound coding action for practices, Call/Recall COVID Vaccination Searches built, Notification of COVID vaccine administration

CH Practice Update 1st December 2020 [PDF 566KB]
QOF protected income, asthma, data quality checks, COVID vaccine, Referral Form Document for Perinatal Mental Health Services

CH Practice Update 17th November 2020 [PDF 231KB]
Flu campaign, SMR Template and searches, Protocol Alert for Learning Disabilities, update on shielding list, Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) Searches to help you keep track of this PCN DES

CH Practice Update 9th November 2020 [PDF 229KB]
NHS Guidance for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Individuals Searches, Adult Community Nursing Service Referral Form, Substance Misuse Referral Form, 

CH Practice Update 23rd October 2020 [PDF 199KB]
QOF updates, learning disabilities and support on flu vaccination campaign

CH Practice Update 8th October 2020 [DOC 23KB]

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