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Clinical Effectiveness Group

Local Resources

local resources
An image of a coal mine and a squirrel representing local resources


CEG are commissioned by a number of CCGs, and provide specific resources for practices within these CCGs.

Below are documents relevant to all practices

Cancer Diagnosis Coding Advice v2.pdf [PDF 477KB]

MMR Vaccination Coding Sep 2019 CEG v1 [DOC 102KB]


Tools to support ethnicity recording

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us all of how important ethnicity can be as a marker of disadvantage. If we don’t measure it – we can’t do anything about it! Use the search to identify the patients with no ethnicity recorded. Install the pop up so that it alerts you when the patient you are seeing does not have ethnicity recorded so that you can doing it opportunistically just by clicking on the lightning symbol.


No Ethnicity recorded (EMIS Protocol) [4KB]

No ethnicity recorded (SystmOne search and protocol) [1KB]


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