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Clinical Effectiveness Group

About us

We are the Clinical Effectiveness Group at Queen Mary University of London.

We use data to improve population health, and we’ve done so for over 20 years. We collaborate with the NHS across North East London, but our work often has national and international significance.

We build data-driven tools that help GPs improve the health of their patients — for example, by spotting people at risk of complications, or increasing vaccine uptake. We support GPs and commissioners to use our tools, interpret the insight and respond with innovation.

We also analyse big datasets to reveal insights and inequalities in population health. We publish our findings in academic research papers and practical guidance and empower local health teams to act on the evidence.

In partnership with the NHS and other university research teams, our work informs national policy and improves local health services; building ‘learning health systems’ that turn data into knowledge, and knowledge into better practice and a healthier population.

Segmented circle visualising the elements of what CEG does: we use analysis and informatics to turn health data into knowledge, research and teaching to turn that knowledge into actionable insight, and we support GP practices across north east London to put our insight into practice.

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