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Blizard Institute - Barts and The London

Professor Kathleen Costeloe, MB BCHir, FRCP, FRCPCH


Professor of Neonatal Medicine

Centre: Centre for Genomics and Child Health

Telephone: 020 8510 7544


1972 - 1973 House Jobs, University College Hospital
1973 - 1974 SHO Paediatrics, Northwick Park Hospital
1974 - 1976 Research Fellow, Clinical Tutor, Honorary Registrar
Institute of Child Health at The Hammersmith Hospital (neonatal)
1977 - 1980 Research Fellow, Honorary Registrar, John Radcliffe Hospital , Oxford
1981 - 1984 Part time Senior Registrar, Oxford Regional Health Authority
1985 Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Paediatrician, Medical College of St Bartholomew's Hospital
1994 Reader in Neonatal Medicine, University of London


Research Interests:

Respiratory physiology:

My initial interest was in the development and evaluation of non-invasive techniques for measuring cardio-respiratory function in the newborn infant. My first research post was at the Hammersmith Hospital from 1974 - 76 under the supervision of Prof Simon Godfrey where I worked with Janet Stocks, now Professor of Respiratory Physiology in the Institute of Child Health. When I returned to London and established the Neonatal Unit at Homerton in 1986 I re-established my links with Professor Stocks and together we established a neonatal lung function laboratory within the neonatal unit at Homerton. With epidemiological input from Prof Carol Dezateux, this has been a fruitful collaboration studying a range of influences, ethnicity, fetal growth restriction, maternal smoking and the effect of preterm birth itself on the development of the lung in the premature baby. We are in the final stages of analysing data from a study looking at origins of chronic lung disease of prematurity (BPD) and have recently secured funding from the BLF (grant held at ICH/UC) to apply novel methodologies to study mechanics in babies born

3 individuals have gained PhDs from this work (Patsy Rabbette, Sooky Lum , Ah-Fong Hoo - all through ICH). We currently have a full-time research fellow funded by the BLF registered for an MD

Outcomes following extremely preterm birth: the EPICure studies

The primary objective of the EPICure studies is to measure outcomes following extremely preterm birth. In 1995 I, together with my colleague in Sheffield Dr Alan Gibson, led the recruitment of a cohort which we believe achieved 100% ascertainment of babies born before 26w in the UK and Ireland . This was undertaken with minimal funding from a number of sources. We collected data on over 4000 births, 811 neonatal unit admissions with 314 survivors. This remains the biggest series of extremely preterm survivors studied prospectively in the world. It has led to a number of important publications that are highly cited (Costeloe et al 2000 & Wood et al 2000). The 6 year follow up on these children was also published in the NREJM (Marlow et al 2006). The study data forms the basis of much of the advice provided to parents faced with extremely preterm birth.


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