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Professor David McCoy, BMed (Southampton), MPhil (University of Cape Town), DPhil (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)


Professor of Global Public Health

Telephone: 020 7882 2529


I am Professor of Global Public Health at the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health at Queen Mary University of London where I head a unit that delivers a suite of undergraduate and postgraduate Global Health taught programmes, and conducts critical public health research. The Unit consists of 14 academics from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. We currently have over 200 students across six MSc programmes and a three-year BSc in Global Health.

I am a public health generalist with experience across the domains of professional practice, academia and civil society activism. A childhood in Malaysia and 10 years of work in sub-Saharan Africa have given me a global outlook in all my work.

I qualified as a medical doctor from Southampton University in 1989 and began work as a clinician. After being a junior doctor in the UK for two and a half years, I worked in a rural hospital in South Africa (Hlabisa Hospital) for two and a half years, during which time I was Acting Medical Superintendent for a year in 1994.

Following that, I worked as a research fellow at the Child Health Unit of the University of Cape Town. I then spent six years working for the Health Systems Trust (HST), an NGO established to support the post-apartheid transformation of South Africa’s health care system. I was Deputy Director for a national programme of district health systems development, before becoming Director of Research and Technical Support.

My work with HST mainly consisted of health systems and policy research; providing technical assistance to national and provincial departments of Health; and developing and implementing training programmes for clinicians, managers and policy makers.

After 10 years in South Africa I returned to the UK and completed formal NHS training in public health medicine. I was awarded my Certificate of Specialist Training in 2005 and have since worked in various positions across the NGO sector, academia and the NHS. 

This has included: Senior Clinical Research at University College London (UCL); Director of Public Health, NHS Hammersmith and Fulham (Jan 2010 – Apr 2011); Research Director for Aidspan, a Kenya-based research and policy organisation focused on the Global Fund to Fight Against AIDS, TB and Malaria (Apr 2011 – Jul 2012); Head of Public Health Intelligence, NHS Inner North West London (May 2011 – March 2013); and Director of Medact, a London-based public health charity which works on the underlying social, political and ecological determinants of global health (Apr 2013 – Sep 2017).

I have an M.Phil in Maternal and Child Health from the University of Cape Town and a doctorate from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; and am a Fellow of the UK Faculty of Public Health.

I have been a member of the Steering Council of the Peoples Health Movement, and was the founding managing editor of Global Health Watch, the alternative world health report. I was a Trustee of the New Economics Foundation for three years; and am currently a Trustee of the Centre for Health in the Public Interest.




I am currently Director of Global Health Taught Programmes at Queen Mary University of London, and am responsible for the delivery of six MSc programmes and one BSc programme:

I teach across a range of subject areas including: maternal health; global health governance; health systems policy; disease management; and the social determinants of health.


Research Interests:

Methodologically, I am mainly interested in policy research and case studies. My research interests have evolved over time. I am currently interested in research related to global health governance and the political economy of health. Please see my selected publication list for more information on my interests and expertise.


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