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Blizard Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr Neil McCarthy of the Blizard Institute wins best presentation in ECR session at UCL III Symposium

Dr Neil McCarthy, pictured above (right) with supervisor Dr Andy Stagg, from the Centre for Immunobiology, was awarded the prize for best oral presentation in the ECR session at the UCL Infection, Immunology and Inflammation Symposium.

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The human intestine is protected against infection by the release of anti-microbial proteins under the control of cytokine IL-22. In collaboration with researchers at Cardiff University, Dr Neil McCarthy and Dr Andy Stagg identified a new mechanism of IL-22 expression in the human gut which is regulated by a microbe-responsive γδ T-cell population that is absent in rodent models. Therapeutic targeting of this novel pathway may provide clinical benefit in human patients with disorders of mucosal barrier protection such as inflammatory bowel disease.

A big congratulations to Neil for his award.