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Click below to see images and videos from our events over the last few years. 

The Queen Mary Arts & Culture team in collaboration with Something To Aim For (STAF) are pleased to invite you to three events as part of the What Matters To Me series. These events offer strategies for improving health and wellbeing through the arts and within the arts sector, bringing together artists and Queen Mary researchers to discuss new approaches to arts activity in a post-Covid-19 world. 

The events will be broadcast live and they can be attended by booking an online place using the links below. After the event, they will be also available for free to watch online via STAF’s digital platform Us In the Making and on the QMUL Arts and Culture website.

Queen Mary have worked in partnership with STAF to produce the first three events in the What Matters to Me series and you are warmly welcome to attend. 

Events and booking:

Wednesday 11 November, 5pm - Work and Utopia - Prof. Gerry Hanlon and Xavier De Sousa 

Artists have been referred to by corporations as the ‘perfect worker’, finding enjoyment and drive in their work despite the often-long hours and low pay. Now we are moving to a world where we are being encouraged to retrain, up-skill and evolve.

STAF have invited independent performance maker and curator Xavier de Sousa and Professor Gerard Hanlon from the Centre for Labour and Global Production at Queen Mary University of London to discuss, from their own viewpoints, the idea of WORK & UTOPIA. They will be working through 'what matters'. To them, to you, and what we should be thinking about in building strategies for change in a post-COVID world

Wednesday 18 November, 5pm - Mechanisms for care in times of trauma- Dr Martin O’Brien and Fandangoe Kid 

Thursday 10 December, 5pm - Centring care and wellbeing in building online spaces- Prof. Pat Healy and Zoe Gumbs

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