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'Todo Sobre Mi Padre' ('All About My Father')

Among the collection of work in Arts Two, is a ceramic work by London-based artist Nick Arroyave-Portela, part of a series of works entitled 'Todo Sobre Mi Padre' ('All About My Father'). Arroyave-Portela describes the series of large-framed ceramic wall pieces as ‘a rhythmic and contemplative series of wall pieces looking at all aspects of my identity.’  These works draw on his father’s migration routes, and their impact on Arroyave-Portela's sense of belonging as a boy growing up in Oxford.  Arroyave-Portela says: ‘This body of work is more than a tribute to my father and his memory. It is really about my re-connection and understanding of what a sense of place means to me.’ Arroyave-Portela's work is on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, and the Leeds City Gallery. 


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