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Arts & Culture

Arts, Medicine, & Mental Health

Mental Health
  • Artful Measures, a digital platform by Daily Life Ltd sharing a series of digital case studies examining the relationship between arts practices that engage with issues of mental health and the documentation and evaluation practices that evidence and account for them. Caoimhe McAvinchey is a lead collaborator on this project.

History of Emotions

Visit The Emotions Blog for conversations about the history of feeling from academics across disciplined at Queen Mary who are part of The Centre for the History of Emotions.

The Emotions Lab is a historical online laboratory where team members of The Living With Feeling project use the past to understand our feelings in the present.

Solitudes Past and Present led by Barbara Taylor explores the  history of solitude and its relationship to present day concerns about the health risks of social isolation and loneliness.

Arts- based Medical Interventions

This paper was produced as part of a collaboration between Centre for Sports & Exercise Medicine and Perfoming Medicine which is a project of Clod Ensemble. Clod Ensemble have worked in partnership with Queen Mary over some years and their Director Suzy Willson is an an Honorary Professor at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.