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Arts & Culture Writing Retreats

Writing is a requirement of lots of arts and cultural work. It is also hard.  We think that writing is easier when it’s done in company – even if that company is online via Zoom.  Queen Mary University of London has worked with the artist Daniel Oliver to develop some formats for writing in the arts. These are designed to create the space for artists and people working in the cultural sectors to grapple with the different kinds of writing that their work requires

On Mondays at 10.00am partners already working with Queen Mary are warmly welcome to join to work on whatever writing they are working on.  

On Wednesdays at 6.30pm the opportunity is open to all artists and cultural workers (producers, editors, publishers, curators, facilitators etc).
Anyone working with grant writing, artistic documentation, creative writing, reflective writing or critical writing is very welcome to join us. This will be a weekly online retreat where, over the course of two hours, we can gather together to plan, go away and write, and come back together again at the end to talk about what we’ve written, and what it’s like to write.
To sign up or for more information please contact us at