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Josh Lee

BA English and Drama, 2012
Creative Copywriter

I graduated from Queen Mary in 2012 and now work as a Creative Copywriter. I write headlines and copy for ads, and I come up with creative concepts for campaigns that excite and engage my clients’ audiences.

I’ve made sure that I keep in touch with QMUL after graduating. The education I received, the friends I made and the experiences I had during my time there has been instrumental to where I am now in my life and career - so I try to support the university however I can, especially through speaking at careers events. Having studied English and Drama, I know that career options can be daunting when your degree doesn’t have an obvious pathway afterwards. I hope it’s useful for students to hear from me, as I love being able to give the sort of guidance that QMUL ensured was readily available to me when I studied there.

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