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The School of History 'Capital Cultural Club' Project

Field trips that enhance the learning experience of students and encourage them to make better use of opportunities available to them in London as a whole have been successfully integrated into the Queen Mary Student Experience this year. Cultural activity has quickly become part of the QMUL teaching and extracurricular culture, creating a sense of school community, encouraging engagement, ensuring retention rates are healthy and helping students to interact socially.

The grant given by the Annual Fund has been used to fund three trips that otherwise would not have been possible owing to their relative expense:

The First Georgians (Art Exhibition) @ Buckingham Palace, Oct 1st 2014

20 students signed up for this trip and attended, accompanied by Prof Amanda Vickery (an expert in the field of Georgian History). This was made available to students taking her modules HST Behind Closed Doors.

The Scottsboro Boys (musical play) @ The Garrick Theatre, Nov 27th 2014

This trip was made available for students taking Dr Cohen’s module: HST Race in the United States.

The Woman in Black (play) @ The Fortune Theatre, Nov 20th 2014

Made available to students taking module HST5305 British Horror: Film, Television and Literature. Following the trip, students were enthused and class discussion with those taking the module was lively and engaged. A few student testimonials were provided:

The theatre trip to see The Woman in Black was a valuable addition to the course. It allowed further insight into the reading of the film through the difference and similarities displayed in the play. This viewpoint prompted much discussion into adaptations and was overall a beneficial experience for the course and all other film modules.
The visit to see The Woman in Black was really helpful not just in the opportunity to compare the different mediums of horror but also in getting to know members of the course outside of university. The theatre show gave an added dimension to the course. I'm also really grateful for the opportunity to see a show I would never have been able to afford to see on my own.

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