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Teddy Bear Hospital

Teddy Bear Hospital is a student run volunteering group that aims to improve the physical health and oral hygiene of children aged 4-8 years old in Tower Hamlets. The aim is to normalise the experience of seeing a doctor, encouraging children to overcome the fear of doctors and to live safely and healthily.

To achieve this aim the group visit a different school each week and children are asked to bring their ‘sick’ teddies to the clinics, and volunteers then aim to ‘treat’ them. Through interactive workshops and stations the group reduces the anxiety that children associate with a trip to the dentist or doctor.

Support from the B&L Annual Fund has meant that 80% more students can take part in Teddy Bear Hospital, allowing them to practice and develop many of their skills and enabling more workshops and school visits to take place.

Overall, the funding has enabled the group to secure the future of Teddy Bear Hospital and allow it to grow. The members of Teddy Bear Hospital would like to thank the Annual Fund and Dental Centenary Fund sponsors for supporting them. This has had a significant, valuable impact upon the society, giving them the means to make a greater difference in the community of Tower Hamlets.


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