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Project Fencing for all

Project Fencing for all aims to get as many new students as possible involved with fencing, to allow students to learn a new skill and to give students an opportunity to represent the university in competitions.

A grant from the Annual Fund has provided a number of taster sessions for students across the university as well as further training sessions for those who wished to develop their skills.

The grant has also allowed the club to provide sufficient fencing kit for all new fencers to use during training and in competitions. Buying a complete starter fencing kit from an official supplier will cost £320 and the high price is a significant barrier to people looking to try the sport. With the support from the Annual Fund grant, all new fencers have been able fence regularly, without having to buy their own kit immediately.

Finally, the funding enabled eight of the team’s novice fencers (five men and three women) to travel to the ‘Warwick National Novice Competition’. They finished in 7th, 14th, 15th, 30th and 48th place out of 64; and 4th, 12th and 23rd place out of 32.

When I first came to a QMBL Fencing session, I literally had no idea what to expect. Nevertheless, after that very day, I fell in love with this sport. It was highly challenging to me at the beginning, however, with each session I’ve been gaining more and more confidence and skills. The team are very friendly, supportive and approachable, making my experience even more enjoyable. Being part of this team brings me a great pleasure, gives a lot of exciting opportunities as well as a priceless experience.

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