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Grand Piano

The Music Department was awarded a grant of £5,000 to purchase a concert grand piano to go in the Music Centre of the People’s Palace. Prior to this, the department had to make do with an outdated model which was almost 100 years old and in poor condition.

The instrument is used for piano lessons by professional teachers, tutoring QM students and QM Music Scholars, and is also used in all rehearsals which take place in the Music Centre three times a week.


It is my total pleasure as a piano teacher to assure you that the Elysian piano serves all our needs and expectations. The piano is on constant demand by QM university students and sets a professional level of music education and music making. With gratitude.
Olga Jegunova, Piano Tutor
The Elysian grand has transformed music making at Queen Mary over the past term, expanding the possibilities for chamber music rehearsals, in particular fuelling inspiration for the new QM lunchtime concert series.
Steven Dodsworth, QMUL student and Music Scholar
The instrument will last for very many years and will continually provide students with pleasure and educational enrichment. Indeed, we anticipate that as Music at Queen Mary develops, this particular piano will serve a key role in music making in all respects.
Paul Edlin, Director of Music at QMUL


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