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Employability through Societies

More students are engaged with the Student Union through student societies than any other activity, and this number has grown from 2,419 individual members in 2011 to 4,559 individual members in 2014.

Societies are already making a fantastic contribution to developing students across the university by running academic and employability related activities. Some examples of the activities that have been run over the past academic year include:

  • BioMedics Society running events such as audience with Professor Winston and a lecture by Professor Kumar which saw over 100 and 200 students attend respectively. This society also ran ‘Meet the BioMed Graduate’ and ‘Meet the Employer’
  • PsiStar the Physics society have run annual trips to CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. They have run monthly evening lectures such as: Planetary Systems in the Galaxy: Architecture, Formation and Evolution by Professor Richard Nelson.

During 2013/14 societies submitted £131,762 worth of bids to the Societies Committee which has a pot of £20,000 to award. This has led to many great employability events either not being funded at all or funded poorly.

This project has created a separate pot of money so that societies can bid over the academic year for specific activities that are going to improve the employability of their members. The pot is £5,000 and each society can bid for a maximum of £500 to run an activity. The Societies Committee will manage the facilitation of this fund alongside the current pot of funding that is available.


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